Snorkeling Florida

A school of snook

A school of Florida snook

Snorkeling Florida--a great way to spend a morning, an afternoon, maybe even an evening. After all, this state is bordered on 3 sides by saltwater, and the interior boasts numerous clear-water springs welling up from deep within the aquifer. Listed below are specific adventures that will have you snorkeling Florida in some of this state's best spots where you won't need your own boat. Enjoy.

Never snorkeled before? Check out this page on How To Snorkel for ideas for beginners.

Got a favorite Florida snorkeling spot?

Where is it, and what makes it your favorite?
Biscayne National Park A clear, sunny summer day; water temp of 81 degrees; great viz on a spectacular coral reef. Does it get any better than this?

Key Largo Snorkeling. Well, it does get even better--in Key Largo. Numerous shallow-water reefs and the Gulf Stream's proximity make Key Largo the "Diving Capital of the World."

Ginnie Springs Jacques Cousteau reportedly pronounced Ginnie Springs to be "the clearest water in the world." A cave diver's dream, it also holds a lot to see for us snorkelers.

Looe Key Enjoy the thrill of snorkeling on a coral reef at Looe Key. With a bit of luck, you just may see a shark.

Silver Glen Springs Explore one of Florida's finest springs, and get great views of Lake George, Florida's second-largest lake.

Peanut Island Snorkel and camp on this palm-studded island within plain sight of world-famous Palm Beach. With camping fees only around $17 per night (maximum 3-nights), who says a stay near Palm Beach has to be expensive?

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Spend the day snorkeling along the park's almost 2 miles of pristine South Florida beach. Afterwards (or before), explore 325 acres of sub-tropical splendor.

Salt Springs Recreation Area They call Salt Springs one of the "jewels of the Ocala National Forest." The very slightly salty water comes from rock crevices, and is teeming with mullet, bass, and shiners.

Troy Springs Check out this first-magnitude spring located on the historic Suwannee river. I saw more garfish here in 10 minutes than I had seen in my whole life.

Destin Jetties Enjoy the inviting waters of Florida's Emerald Coast here at the Destin Jetties.

Devils Den is unlike any other place I've seen in Florida. It's a peaceful, but eerie underground cenote. Definitely, a unique snorkeling experience.

Tell us about your favorite Florida snorkeling spot.

It could be a north Florida spring, a coral reef somewhere, or a rock reef along a beach. Doesn't matter. We want to know YOUR favorite snorkeling place. Tell us where it is and why YOU like it.

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In Crystal River, Florida you can actually swim with the manatees in the wild. Who knew? We heard about this adventure while visting Orlando. We had …

Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the sea reef 
Take Commercial Blvd east to the beach. You will see a fishing pier there, just south of the pier about 200 yards off shore is a beautiful coral reef. …

Go beyond snorkeling with freediving 
Have you already done some snorkeling in Florida? If so, you know there's a lot to see underwater at our reefs and springs. But did know you could see …

Peanut Island South Side Beach 
I went to peanut island for my first time on Janurary 2, 2011. The water was cold at first but then I got used to it and it became warmer than the …

Dry Tortugas 
About 70 miles west of Key West there's the Dry Tortugas. This was the best snorkeling we've done by far. From Key West we took a ferry, although you have …

Alexander Springs 
This spring is not big. But a little way down, there is a huge hole about 30 ft. deep. And, oh my, is it not the coolest thing I have seen before. I saw …

Alexander Springs 
Absolutely pristine! Spring is approximately 20-25 feet deep and has an abundance of fish and turqouise blue waters. You can even spot otters underwater! …

In Silver Glen Springs 
IN SILVER GLEN SPRINGS Ray King (Most text deleted for space requirements) …

I was at Fort Zachary Taylor....and I saw a 4ft barracuda...8 ft bull sharks...schools of's amazing...and it's conveniently located at the state …

Surprise in Egmont 
We had a wonderful time snorkeling around the Northern Gulf side of Egmont key. We saw many different shapes, sizes and colors of fish, we found sponges …

Freediving at Blue Springs in Orange City, FL 
I've just started the hobby of freediving in the many springs we have here in Florida. For reference, I am a native Floridian. I have already heard of …

Ginnie Springs 
I've lived in Florida for 31 of my 38 years, but never camped much -- my mother is a New York City native who thinks that camping is a hotel without room …

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