Yellow Jacket Has The Best Suwannee River Campsites

The Suwannee River Shortly After Sunrise
The Suwannee River Shortly After Sunrise

Looking for great Suwannee River Campsites at a place that won't break the bank?

Yellow Jacket is the only Suwannee River Campground I know of where you can put your RV right by the river.

Suwannee River Campsite
A Suwannee River Campsite

Suwannee River Campsites
Suwannee River Camping at Yellow Jacket

Plus, they have tent camping sites just a short walk fromthe river.

Tent Campsite
The Tent Camping Area is only a Short Walk From the River

Yellow Jacket Campgound is located on County Road 349 about eight miles out of Old Town on the way to the town of Suwannee, exactly 23 twisty-curvy river miles from the Suwannee's mouth at the Gulf of Mexico.

As I'm writing these words, I'm glancing now and then out the window of my 15-foot Aliner camper trailer at the sparkling, sunlit waters of Florida's historic Suwannee River. At the same time, the words and melody of Stephen Foster's song are gentle on my mind.

As a backpacker and kayaker, camping for me has usually involved a bivvy tent or a jungle hammock, so my recent acquisiton of a small trailer with a hardshell top and a bed seems like the height of woodsy luxury.

Anyway, back to the story--I just paid $102.00 for three nights and four days of relaxation on the Suwannee. In my estimation, you can't beat that.

Sure, I could be at a five-star hotel in Orlando, but then I'd be in the middle of a city and not out here in my little trailer enjoying the real Florida. I'm not knocking Orlando. It's a great city. But it's still a city. I want to enjoy backwoods, real Florida, and I suspect you do too, which is why you're on this web site.

Although primarily a camping park, Yellow Jacket also has cottages available for your stay. Naturally, they're pricier than campsites, but if you want more conventional lodging in a backwoods setting that might be your answer.

Suwannee River Cottage
Yellow Jacket Cottage

Check with Yellow Jacket for rates and availability. Ask about any special deals for staying multiple nights. I never did see inside one of the cottages, but if they're as well kept up as the other facilities here, they should be fine.

I was talking with the owner, Bibbi (a Swedish name pronouced bee-bee), who told me Yellow Jacket has the only Suwannee River campsites that are right smack-dab on the river. Well, she didn't exactly say "smack-dab," but it was something to that effect. Others may have sites near the river, she explained, but Yellow Jacket is the only Suwannee River Campground with actual RV river campsites.

Things to do here at Yellow Jacket include swimming in the year-round-heated pool, walking and bicycling, boating, fishing,and snorkeling or SCUBA at nearby Manatee Springs.

The Swimming Pool at Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket Swimming Pool

Complete and private individual washrooms facilities with hot showers are available. I was pleasantly surprised at the state of cleanliness. Expecting the general standard of campground washrooms, each separate facility was as clean and pleasant as any top-quality hotel. It's obvious the staff hereworks diligently to maintain things to a cut-above standard.

Need clean clothes? They also have washers and dryershere in the same building pictured below.

Yellowjacket Washrooms
Yellow Jacket Washrooms

Enjoy fishing or boating? Yellow Jacket has rental boats available--anything from a small, motorized jon boat up to a large pontoon boat. A boat ramp is available for campers at no charge for launching your own boat. You can also rent a slip.I could see staying here for a week or so and going out fishing on the Suwannee each day.

Yellowjacket Boat Ramp and Slips
Yellow Jacket Boat Ramp and Slips

Yellow Jacket has a long list of do-and-don't rules. At first, I thought it was excessive, but after some reflection I concluded that they're just trying to create an environment in which you can have a good time. With as many people as come through here, it's probably better to lay the ground rules right up front than some time later.

The campground water here is country well water and sometimes can be discolored due to what I'm told is an excessiveamount of iron. But at least one long-time resident here assured me it was safe to drink. It may not suit your taste, however.So, I'd recommend you bring bottled water for drinking purposes.

I've known of Yellow Jacket for a long time. I can't swear to it, but I think I remember stopping off here on a canoe trip I made in the late 1970s down the entire Suwannee River. It took my friend Richard and me two weeks to traverse the entire river in abeautiful wooden Old Town canoe. What an adventure that was. Yellow Jacket has seen lots of improvements since those days.

See also TripAdvisor's info on Yellow Jacket.

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