Peanut Island South Side Beach

by Benjamin Bernstein
(Lake Worth, Florida )

I went to peanut island for my first time on Janurary 2, 2011.

The water was cold at first but then I got used to it and it became warmer than the air.

I saw about 600 fish in 150 minutes. There were several snorkeling lagoons protected by rocks, the one on the left was the best.

When I was not swimming, I had a good time climbing the rocks. There were many small fish in little pools the waves created. I saw two two-inch wide crabs and a baby crab by a rock.

The best place to see a fish is by the rocks protecting the cove where there are hundreds of them in schools. The biggest I saw were two foot long fish.

Farther out, I saw what looked like a stone fish. I saw no manatees, but there is an area that has a large sign that says Manatee Area.

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Manatees at the Riviera Beach power plant
by: Reid

Thanks for your contribution. Peanut Island is a good place to spend a day or two--camping and snorkeling.

I imagine it was a little chilly in January.

The Riviera Beach power plant within plain sight of Peanut Island is a winter haven for managees. Check out this page. Be sure the see the FP&L video.

Best regards.

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