My Pick of Outdoor Videos for the Florida Adventurer

Finding Useful Videos

There is an overwhelming number of outdoor videos on the web today. Some of these are entertaining, instructive, or both, and well worth watching.

I thought it could be that some commentary that illuminates, maybe even expands, on what these videos portray might be useful to you. Therefore I've chosen videos which lend themselves to such commentary.

My purpose for this page and the pages to which it links are to cut through the noise and chatter of web video and select those outdoor videos that are entertaining, portray something informative, teach something useful, or maybe even do all three.

These selected videos include videos found elsewhere on this site, as well as those by others which are found across the web.

My hope is the time spent on these pages proves useful and informative, and helps make you even more knowledgeable and competent in the great Florida outdoors.

Snake Videos. People seem to have a keen interest in Florida snakes, especially venomous Florida snakes. The videos and commentary on this page may help expand what you know about these creatures which have, at the same time, stirred so much fascination and fear.

Fish Video. Salt Springs is loaded with mullet, bass, and shiners. Be sure to see the big bass going after the shiners, right at the video's last scene.

Hypothermia Video. In the last few years, there have been several deaths in Florida from hypothermia that dominated local news. Most people, perhaps, don't equate Florida with hypothermia. I mean, this IS the Sunshine State. Right? Well, yes, but hypothermia can and does kill in Florida just as it does in Alaska.

Anyone-especially boaters--who enjoy Florida's outdoors should be well informed about hypothermia. It is a leading cause of wilderness (that includes oceans and large lakes) deaths. The following U.S. Coast Guard video can provide a 15-minute education about hypothermia.

Don't miss my pages on hypothermia and immersion hypothermia. This is stuff every outdoors enthusiast should know.

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