Naples Florida: MY Favorite Florida Beach!

by Catherine

A View of the Naples Pier at Sunset!

A View of the Naples Pier at Sunset!

I've had the good fortune to visit hundreds of beaches in the Sunshine state, Florida!

When I'm asked 'What's the best Florida beach', I usually reply, 'It really depends what you are looking for in a beach!'

Some folks love the hustle and bustle and the crowds....the beach lined with food and trinket vendors, such as Fort Lauderdale. Surfers like a beach with an energetic surf, like many of the Florida East Coast Beaches. Some like a beach with a gentle surf and sand bar, suitable for kids, like Fort Myers Beach. Others like a 'non-stop' beach party from sun up to sun down, like Panama City. Many love the 'glitz and glam' of South Beach, where it's 'hip' to be seen! The adventurous type adore 'The Keys' for the glorious scuba and snorkeling opportunities! Essentially, it boils down to 'different strokes, for different folks'!

My top choice of beaches in Florida? Naples Florida! Naples FL has everything I love about a beach..

It's the most southern inhabited spot on Florida's Gulf Coast, and therefore, the weather is mostly warm and pleasant, all year long. There are miles and miles of pristine white sandy beaches in Naples, often lined with shells and ocean treasures, perfect for shelling.
The city of Naples does not allow vendors of any sort, along the beach front. This keeps the beaches very clean and free of litter. It also makes for 'less crowded' beaches than many of the other Gulf coast beaches, further up the coast. There are many quiet, secluded, undeveloped sections of beaches to enjoy, perfect for picnics, or a great place to spend an afternoon in the sun with a good book!

Naples boasts more nature preserves and sanctuaries, than any other area in the U.S.

A few of the wonderful eco-destinations in the area: Corkscrew Swamp, Big Cypress, Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Rookery Bay. There's many spots perfect for bird watching too.

There are several superb spots in the area for kayaking and canoeing, to explore the beautiful coastline and inland mangrove swamps.

Since I love to shop, the fact that Naples has lots opportunities for 'retail therapy', adds to the appeal of this beach town for me. There's also plenty of every kind of cuisine imaginable, in a wide range of prices to please everyone. Even a 'beach paradise', ought to have some place to 'grab a bite'!

This area has a very rich history, and there's several museums, galleries and exhibitions, to visit. There's also many art galleries, filled with the works of artists who have been inspired by the Florida landscape.

There are lots of reasons I love Naples. But my favorite thing to do in Naples, is an evening stroll on the beach, barefoot, and head for the Naples Pier. The historical old wooden Pier, with all it's grandeur and charm, extends out into the Gulf, and is the ultimate place to take in the stellar sunsets, that Naples is known for, given it's west coast location in Florida.

Naples Florida is the perfect choice of the Florida beaches...... for me!

Visit and discover more reasons 'Why a Naples Beach could be YOUR favorite Florida beach!'

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Thanks for the post
by: Reid Tillery

Thanks, Catherine for that very informative post. You obviously know your way around Florida.

Whenever I travel to Naples, I'll be sure to consult your web site, and will tell others to do the same.

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