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Map of Florida

You may find this Google map of Florida helpful in locating places covered here at FloridaAdventuring.com.

If a picture says a 1,000 words, then a Google map showing the locations of places featured on this site is worth a lot of explaining as to where a certain place is.

Each little map icon shows the location of a particular place. To see what that place is just click on the icon. A photo will pop up providing a link to the page(s) concerning that place.

Using the Map

Although you can use this map from this page, my suggestion is to click the underlined blue hyperlink named "Map of Florida," which is located just below the map. This takes you to Google where you will see on the left-hand side of the page a listing, including names and descriptions, of all the places I've notated on the map.

View Map of Florida in a larger map

Using Map Controls

To zoom in or out, click on the plus or minus sign.

To move to different places on the map, just put your cursor on the map somewhere and grab it with your left mouse button. By doing that and zooming in and out you can swoop down to earth for a closer look at any place you want.

You can choose to see this map in any of four different views:

  • Map -- Provides road numbers, useful for driving directions.

  • Satellite -- Provides an aerial perspective with the roads marked in.

  • Terrain -- Provides a topographic view of an area. More useful, I suppose, in mountainous areas than in Florida.

  • Google Earth -- One thing I like about this view is that you can see Florida in an offset view, as if you were in an airplane looking ahead through the cockpit window. To offset the view just click on the top arrow in the big circle at the top left--the circle with the N at the top. The earth's angle will begin to change. It's really pretty cool.

    If you need to reorient North to the top, just grab the N with your left mouse button and put it back at the top of the circle.

Use this interactive map of Florida to find not only those places where I've placed an icon but also any place you're looking for.

My hope is that this Florida map helps open up the state to you so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

This map that you've found is one more proof that no matter what is your lot in life, there's always another adventure. You might have to search for it, but there's always another adventure.