Land Navigation

Land Navigation is a necessary skill for anyone who loves to venture around in the outdoors.

Since we humans don't have a built-in sense of direction, the only way we can find our way is through the knowledge and application of navigation skills.

Many people, I've discovered, consider themselves useless at navigation. "I don't do east and west," said one young woman, "I do left and right." Of course, by this statement, she meant she didn't have a clue when it comes to determining cardinal directions, she only knew to turn "this way" or "that way."

But it doesn't have to be like that. Anybody who wants to, can learn effective navigation techniques that can help get them from point A to point B. And that's why I'm here. To help you learn how to get around in the great outdoors. It's easy. And it's fun.

The Online Land Navigation Course

To this end, I have written and produced a four-hour online, video-based course in land navigation. The videos are designed to be simple and easy to follow. Proceeding with the assumption that you are a complete beginner, the course covers pathfinding techniques, how to understand and use a topographical map, and has a special section on how to use a military lensatic compass and protractor.

The course is broken down into short video lectures, each of which is about 3 to 20 minutes long, meaning you can learn land navigation in little chunks, and you don't have sit by a computer for a long time if you don't want to. 

The course is hosted by (i.e. U-Academy), an online source of lots of courses. Udemy gives you "lifetime access" to the course, meaning you can progress through it on your own schedule, as is convenient.

For about the same price as a typical book, you get around four hours of video instruction, plus two PDF text books written by yours truly which you may download. Once you register, message me within the course if you have questions or comments. My goal is that you learn to find your way across any terrain, day or night, using only a map and compass. Either click the link above, or click the Online Land Navigation Course link here. 

The Web Site

Okay, I'm a navigation junkie. I love maps, compasses, GPSes, protractors, rulers, and all that good stuff that pertains to navigation. I've even developed an entire web site dealing with land navigation. It's called, well,

The Videos

I've also developed a series of YouTube videos for you to watch. Each short video is designed to teach a simple concept or two that can help you become a navigator, or a better navigator.

Practical Wilderness Navigation

Mapless Land Navigation

Latitude and Longitude

The UTM Grid

Understanding Magnetic Declination

Finding Directions by Mintaka

Finding Directions by Scorpius

USGS Topo Maps

Speaking of maps, USGS Topo Maps are, in my opinion, totally necessary in the backcountry. If there's anything better than a USGS topo map, it's a USGS waterproof topo map custom-made for your particular needs.

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