Florida Tent Camping

Florida tent camping

Camping at Gulf Islands National Seashore

If your idea of camping is to pitch a tent, you've come to the right place. Florida tent camping can allow you to tour the state while keeping your lodging costs to a minimum. No expensive hotels or extra fuel costs for that long, long RV. Just pull up your SUV--or whatever it is you drive--set up the tent, roll out the Therma-Rest mattresses and sleeping bags, and it's almost like home.

Sure, there are times you'll want to stay at that fancy downtown hotel, complete with chocolate mints on the pillows. But when you want to kick back a bit and get into outdoor mode, Florida tent camping can be just the thing. Simply pack a tent, Therma-Rests, and sleeping bags, and you have lots of choices as to where to stay. Plus, if you stay at a state or national park, you'll normally be in the midst of wide-open, wild spaces conducive to such activities as beach walking, star-gazing, bike riding, and swimming.

Tent camping in Florida State Parks

In my opinion, Florida State Parks offer the finest in car camping--that kind of camping where you pull your car up to your campsite and you have water and electricity handy. Now, while some state park camping areas offer more camping ambience than others, nearly all--maybe even all--have rest rooms and hot showers available.

For a complete list of Florida State Parks that offer full facility camping, and that should include tent camping, click on the link below.

Florida State Parks with Full Facility Camping

Tent Camping in the National Parks in Florida

In addition to Florida's State Parks, our National Parks can offer great tent camping. Unlike the State Parks, the Feds don't always have hot showers, but they do offer a wild place to pitch a tent.

Everglades National Park

Big Cypress National Preserve

Other Places

Ginnie Springs -- A private park, Ginnie Springs offers camping, swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and more.

Florida Tent Campers: A book just for you.

Johnny Molloy is a talented and prolific outdoor writer. I've heard this guy spends most nights of the year in a tent. Judging by the sheer number of books he's researched and written, I believe it. Anyway, I guess if anyone knows tent camping, it's Johnny Molloy.

Florida Tent Camping by Johnny Malloy

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