Florida Night Sounds

Aahh, Florida night sounds. There's something special about the wilds of Florida at night. As the sun disappears over the western horizon, a variety of night creatures come on duty--frogs, snakes, alligators, and more.

An incessant frog chorus provides background music. Here, the night does indeed have a thousand eyes.

Cypress swamp by moonlight

Listen to the sounds of a Florida night. Close your eyes. Picture yourself in a cypress swamp on a wet, steamy evening. You're knee-deep in swamp water. Mosquitoes buzz your face and whine in your ears. The moon's light peeks now and then through cloud breaks, silhouetting the swamp's countless cypress trees.

You're in an alien world, but somehow you're at peace with your surroundings. It's as if you were a specially permitted guest. You've come not as a predator, but as an alert and patient observor.

Enjoy the sounds of life.

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