Florida Keys Vacation Rental

An Evening View of the Lighted Cottage From the Dock
View of the Cottage from the Dock

For a Florida Keys getaway, we love this Florida Keys Vacation Rental.

This charming little cottage on Key Largo is one of those places you'd just have to find by accident like we did.

I think the thing we like best about the "Conch House" as it's called is the screened-in back porch where we've spent many relaxing hours just reading, talking, eating dinner, watching boat traffic, and gazing at the sunset, which in Key Largo can be spectacular.

The Conch House cottage is located in upper Key Largo in a friendly RV campground. It's cozy and comfortable, with a great air conditioner, TV, and all the other amenities of home. It's not, however, Palm Beach plush. If that's what you're looking for, this isn't it.

Interior view of a conch house showing the combined kitchen and living area
Kitchen and Living Area

This type of structure hearkens back to earlier times on the Keys when the "conchs" as the locals were called made a living from the sea, returning home now and again to their modest wooden houses.

Those conchs didn't have air conditioning and microwaves, that's for sure, but this conch house does. So, while the structure reminds you of the Keys of times past, the interior is quite livable.

This cottage consists of one large kitchen, living, and sleeping area combined. There are two king-sized beds plus a sofa that someone can sleep on.

Interior view of a conch house showing the combined living and sleeping area
Living and Sleeping Area

A separate bathroom has a small room apart with an extra sink.

The interior view of the conch house showing the separate bathroom
Separate Bathroom Area Has An Extra Sink

The roomy kitchen is fully equipped with a gas stove with oven, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and double sink--also a toaster and coffee pot.

The interior view of the conch house showing the kitchen
Full-size, fully equipped kitchen

As I'm writing this right now, my wife and father-in-law who are savoring early-morning coffee on the back porch, just informed me they saw a dolphin. I went to look, and sure enough, a large dolphin's fin broke the surface within 100 yards of where we were standing.

The tide is high at the moment, and the water's edge is within 15 feet of the porch. Last night my son and I sat on that same porch watching the boat traffic and discussing the nature and meaning of each vessel's running lights.

An Interior View of the Cabin's Back Porch with the Dock Seen Outside in the Background
The Porch Was Made for Talking

Moments like these are part and parcel of old Florida, the real Florida. Here in this little cottage on the edge of Key Largo's Blackwater Sound, we are a world away from the theme-park throngs of Orlando.

Things to do While Staying at this Florida Keys Vacation Rental


You can snorkel in the Bay right in front of the cottage. Of course, there's no coral reef there. There are, however, grass beds with sea life. Watch for boat traffic. TAKE A DIVE FLAG.

When you're tired of snorkeling, just relax and swim in the water. This bay here makes a pool not really necessary.

To find out about other snorkeling opportunities, see my page on Key Largo Snorkeling.


We secured our kayak right in front of the cottage. From there, you can kayak just about any place in Key Largo.

For the full story on kayaking, see Frank or Monica at Florida Bay Outfitters at Mile Marker 104 Bayside in Key Largo.

An Exterior View of Florida Bay Outfitters Store
Florida Bay Outfitters in Key Largo

Frank can rent you a kayak and drop you off at some good places.

Frank standing inside his Florida Bay Outfitters place of business
Frank at Florida Bay Outfitters

Enjoy the Local Restaurants

To find out about eating places, go to my Key Largo web site's page on Key Largo Restaurants. Key Largo has everything from excellent seafood (naturally), Cuban food (yum), and good breakfasts.

Go Fishing

The different kinds of Keys fishing includes offshore fishing, reef fishing, flats fishing, and shore fishing.

Here's a link for you that has not only general information on Florida Keys fishing, but also a lot of other info on things to do in the Keys.

Go Day Trippin'

Take a day trip to Key West. While staying in this Florida Keys Vacation rental on Key Largo, you might as well see all the Florida Keys if you haven't already. It's worth the drive. I particularly like crossing the seven-mile bridge.

Mile Marker 0 in Key West
Are We There Yet? Yep.

You can be a tourist in Key West for the day. A lot of people don't know this, but Key West is actually one of Florida's oldest cities. At one time, it was the state's largest.

A view of the marker at the southernmost point in the USA
End of the Line

On the way back, maybe you'll want to stop at Porky's at Mile Marker 47.5 Bayside in Marathon for dinner and some real parrothead, laid-back Keys atmosphere.

An Interior View of Porkys
Porkys Captures that Parrothead Keys Ambience

Contact Info for this Florida Keys Vacation Rental

Call Gloria at King's Kamp in Key Largo, located at Mile Marker 103.5 Bayside -- 305-451-0010