Adventurous Florida Getaways

A Florida Keys Conch House

A Florida Keys Conch House

Florida Getaways can be as diverse as Florida itself. The trips described in this section are intended to highlight places you can go to escape your routine world, and enjoy some element of outdoor adventure to boot.

These are not the places you'd normally find in some mass-produced Florida tourist brochure, but are generally off-the-beaten-track getaways that you'd probably have to know someone (like, maybe, yours truly here) to find out about.

Having lived in Florida all of my life (except for a 10-year hiatus in Wyoming and Georgia), I have come to knowthe back roads and a share of those little out-of-the-way places that maybe you'd like to know about, too.

Unlike the trips in the section on Cheap Florida Vacations, these trips aren't necessarily inexpensive, but I've tried to incorporate into each one some element of the "real Florida."

Whether, you're a Floridian looking for a place to spend a few days off, or whether you're from out-of-state, or even from another country and looking for adventure in the Sunshine State, my goal is for the trips described here to give you some real Florida choices that you might not otherwise find out about.

List of Getaways

Westgate River Ranch. The first getaway is to Florida cowboy country--to a 1,700-acre dude ranch between Lake Wales and Yeehaw Junction in a fairly remote section of the state. Watch bison outside your cabin, play golf, relax at the pool, hit the saloon, enjoy an old-fashioned rodeo, go horseback riding. It's all here at the ranch.

Florida Keys Vacation Rental. The next Florida getaway takes you to the Florida Keys--Key Largo to be exact. This charming conch cottage sits so close to the water you can hear the waves lapping. We love it. You might too.

Jules Undersea Lodge. Imagine staying overnight in this former underwater research lab converted to use for those of us in the general public who want to experience the feel of being an aquanaut. SCUBA dive down to the lodge and watch fish out of your bedroom window. How cool is that? And, you don't even have to be a certified diver.

Cedar Key Florida. Cedar Key Florida is one of Florida's best and most secluded getaways. This quaint and charming Gulfshore village of about 1,000 residents is located in the heart of what's called Florida's Nature Coast--that approximately 200 linear miles of lonesome Sunshine State coastline stretching from the Ochlochnee Bay down to the City of Clearwater.

Old Florida Getaway. This week-end adventure is called "Old Florida Getaway" because it takes you into the heart of rural old Florida--that part of the state's heartland that helped defined this peninsula in the days before there was much in Miami, and long before a world-famous, big-eared mouse built an empire near Orlando.

What's Your Great Florida Getaway?

Have you enjoyed a great off-the-beaten-track Florida getaway? Maybe it's your favorite little place in the Keys. Or maybe it's a comfortable and cozy rental cottage somewhere in the real Florida where opportunities for outdoor adventures--kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, exploring--are fairly close by.

Feel free to share those adventures right here with lots of other adventurous people who'd love to hear from you.

Got photos? All the better. You can upload up to four pictures.

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