Paddle into wild Florida at Fisheating Creek

Trip Information

General Description: Choose either a one- or two-day trip down Fisheating Creek, through the Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area. Camp along its banks and enjoy the wilds of Florida the way they used to be. The one-day trip is about 8 miles and 4 hours paddling time, and the two-day trip is 16.5 miles, and about 10 hours paddling time. Shuttling services for either trip are available at the Fisheating Creek Campground, your starting and ending point.

Starting and ending point: Fisheating Creek Outpost Campground, 7555 US Highway 27 North, Palmdale, Florida.  Contact Info:

Fisheating Creek Outpost Campground, 7555 US Highway 27 North, Palmdale, FL 33944. Reservations/Information 863-675-5999,

You can, if you prefer, stay at the Fisheating Creek Outpost campground, and day paddle up or down the creek. The campground is owned by the Florida Wildlife Commission, and run by a concessionaire. If you choose, you can camp right on the creek.

Having grown up camping on the creek, this is one of my favorite places in Florida, although I haven't spent a lot of time here as an adult. I'm pleased to report that along the creek, the place still looks to me about the same as it did a few decades ago. 

To paddle the creek, the water level needs to be about 3.0 feet or higher. Call the Outpost (number above) to check water levels. 

When the water level is lower, you can hike along the creek if you like, even camp out in the backcountry. Once again, check with the Outpost to see what a good water level is for hiking. Here's a video of a Florida Trail Association hike along the creek.

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