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Fish Video

Salt Springs is Loaded with Mullet, Bass, and Shiners.

This fish video was shot on my recent trip to Salt Springs. What an amazing place. I'm not a biologist and I can't speak for sure about Salt Springs' water quality, but it sure looks healthy to me.

Large mullet were everywhere, as were shiners. There were quite a few good-size bass, and some bluegills.

Sorry, but the feds (this is a Federal Recreation Area) don't allow fishing in the spring. There is, however, a 4-mile spring run that flows out to Lake George, and a lot of people fish that. If what's in those waters in any way resembles what's in the spring, then the fishing there must be great.

At the end of the video, check out the big bass going after the shiners.

Troy Springs Gar Encounter

One day while snorkeling at Troy Springs near High Springs, Florida, I found myself surrounded by dozens of large gar. I saw more gar in just a few minutes than I had seen in my entire life. It was fantastic and amazing.

See this page for my full story on Troy Springs.

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