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Anastasia State Park

A Cheap Florida Beach Vacation

The Beach at Anastasia State Park
The Beach at Anastasia...The only thing missing is you.

If I had to pick a favorite state park, it just might be Anastasia State Park in Saint Augustine. But I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite because I've enjoyed so many of Florida's State Parks, and they all offer something special.

Probably the big question you have is what makes Anastasia so suitable for a cheap Florida vacation?

Well, for starters, I'll refer your eyes to the beach picture above. Anastasia State Park has four miles of great Florida beach--you can walk on it, lie on it, build sand castles on it. Then, when you're tired of that, go hop in the surf. Anastasia offers Florida beach camping at its finest.

And, other than your camping fee here at the Park, there is no extra charge if you want to spend all day on the beach.

Anastasia State Park Campgrounds

The Park has seven camping loops. My favorite is Coquina because it's the closest to the beach. But all the areas I saw looked inviting. All the campgrounds have washroom facilities, complete with hot showers. Also, I recall washers, dryers, and clotheslines.

A Couple Bicycles through an Anastasia State Park Campground
A Typical Campground Road

Most, if not all, the campsites are shady, wooded, and cozily separated from one another by shrubbery.

A Wooded Campsite at Anastasia State Park
A Typical Shaded Campsite

If you're in to windsurfing, there's windsurfing here on what's called Salt Run, the body of water seen below in the Lighthouse photo. It's separated from the ocean by the sandy peninsula that makes up Anastasia's long beach.

The park has a campstore by the beach--the Island Beach Shop and Grill--that sells camping supplies and incidentals, as well food. You can also rent bikes (that's bicycles, not Harleys) here.

The Saint Augustine Light and Harbor
The Saint Augustine Light and Harbor as Seen From Anastasia State Park

Nearby Saint Augustine

Nobody knows for sure exactly where Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León first came ashore in Florida, but the beach here at Anastasia is probably a pretty good guess.

He must have liked it, because he claimed it for Spain, but, then again, I think claiming stuff was pretty much the custom in those days among the conquistadores.

Since Señor Ponce likely made his first landfall around here in 1513, it's not surprising that nearby Saint Augustine is the nation's oldest city--a city you just might want to see and tour while you're here.

So, what's there to see in Saint Augustine? A big draw is the Castillo de San Marcos.

Then, there's the city's old section centered around Saint George Street. You can spend a day or so walking around here, checking out the shops and enjoying being a tourist. After all, everybody's a tourist somewhere. Besides, anybody in Saint Augustine with a lick of sense loves tourists.

So, there you have it--one cheap Florida vacation. Find a cozy, shaded campsite for your headquarters. Then, walk down the beach, swim in the surf, cook out at night, and explore old Saint Augustine. All that can keep you busy having fun for a few days, maybe longer.


Anastasia State Park is popular. You just about have to make reservations to be able to stay here. To do so, go to the web site of Reserve America. Reserve America's phone number is 800-326-3521. The Park's phone number is 904-461-2033.

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