Alexander Springs

by Brandi
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

This spring is not big. But a little way down, there is a huge hole about 30 ft. deep. And, oh my, is it not the coolest thing I have seen before. I saw big big turtles, bunches of fish, and huge sucker fish down in the hole. It's just beautiful. I love snorkeling there.

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Freediving In Overhead Environments Can Be Risky
by: Reid

According to one instructor I spoke with at Performance Freediving, freediving in overhead environments can be very risky.

Proper training orients one to the world of freediving, and can be a good idea. Performance Freediving holds classes in Florida. Expert training seems like a good idea to me.

For more info on proper training, go to:

More info about Alexander Springs
by: Bevan the Freediver

I did some freediving at Alexander Springs in 2008 and it wasn't bad. The cave is small and has some current pushing against you but once you get inside the view to the left is nice. I found a small albino catfish in their when I went. The passageway gets very constricted, so you can only swim a total of 20 feet laterally inside the cave. The cave entrance is about 22 feet under the water. Unfortunately, there's no where to stand near the spring, you'll have to swim about 50 feet away to shallower water if you want to stand up.

There's also a small "swim-through" in this crevice between the rocks near the spring. It's a little scenic and worth seeing once. My freedive rating of this spring is only 2.5 stars. A place like Ginnie Springs I would give 5 stars.

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