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Florida Adventuring - Florida Bay and the Everglades
January 12, 2008

More new stuff from now has video. It's taken a while, I know, but now it's here. For what I hope will be your enjoyment, I've just added info--including video--about two trips to the Everglades.

SAILING ON FLORIDA BAY The first is a Christmas-time sailing trip on Florida Bay--from Flamingo to Marathon in the Keys. Maybe you're a sailor yourself, and would like to give it a go. It's about 9 nautical miles from Flamingo to East Cape, then about 22 nautical miles from there to Marathon. Read about Jason and Bob's trip here

FLAMINGO TO HELL'S BAY The next trip is from Flamingo to Hell's Bay, through the Everglades mangrove country. There are a couple of options with this trip. You could leave from the Flamingo Road through the Park and paddle to the Hell's Bay chickee, or you could go through Whitewater Bay. It's about 9 nautical miles from Flamingo to Hell's Bay Chickee via Whitewater Bay. From the main park road it's about 3 nautical miles, as the crow flies. Only problem is we aren't crows, so I'm sure it's a lot longer through the twists and turns of the mangroves. Or make a round trip, and end up back in Flamingo. It's a great adventure in some very wild country. (Take your marine chart and a compass, and a couple of good GPSs.) Read about it here.

My WEB "GURU" Finally, I mention this just in case you have a web site that doesn't get much traffic. Or maybe you'd like to start your own web site. I've learned a lot doing this one, thanks largely to Dr. Ken Evoy, my web guru (how do you get to be a web guru, anyway), who largely owns and operates SiteBuildIt. I've been with them for two years now, and I can't say enough good things about them. Check them out here.

Oh, by the way, if you enjoy FloridaAdventuring, please forward this e-zine on to your friends who you think might enjoy it too. Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Always another adventure, Reid

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