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Florida Adventuring - Florida Bay and the Everglades
February 20, 2008

Hypothermia: What you should know.

Hypothermia has been called the big killer in the wilderness. Most cases occur at air temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees. All outdoors enthusiasts must be keenly aware of this condition. To demonstrate what hypothermia looks like, I intentionally put myself into a state of mild hypothermia and made a video, so you can see for yourself the signs to look for.

Immersion hypothermia results from being immersed in cold water. Since cold water conducts heat 25 to 30 times faster than air, this is the quickest route to hypothermia. Florida boaters, especially, must be aware of our dangerously cold wintertime water temperatures. Click here to learn more. For more on hypothermia, including how to deal with this condition, see the Florida wilderness survival book written just for you--the Florida outdoors adventurer.

New Gator Video

A few days ago, I spent a glorious afternoon at Alachua Sink. Clear skies and lots of warm sun made for a perfect winter day in Florida (And to think, somewhere, it's snowing.) Anyway, the gators were out in full force, soaking up the sun and just doing gator things. I had a great time filming their antics. Wish you'd been there. Check out this video of one big, bad gator.

Thanks, SBI.

I couldn't have put this site together without the help of my Dr. Ken and all the good folks at SiteBuildIt (SBI). They have all the tools needed to develop a fun and profitable web site. Plus, the have a "monkey see-monkey do" 10-step program to have you up and running. If you ever wanted your own web site, don't miss out on this. Click here to know more

Until next time, remember "There's always another adventure." Go find yours today.

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