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This site's purpose is to help you find and enjoy outdoors adventures in Florida.

While the Sunshine State is well known for its extravagant theme parks and trendy, urban beaches, there is also another Florida--a wild Florida...a place of quiet, natural splendor. Some call this "the real Florida."

It's the Florida that brought people to this sandy, old peninsula in the first place.

A Great Stretch of Lonely Beach at Cape Sable

Cape Sable in the Everglades -- A Salty Slice of "the real Florida."

And a good bit of it is still here for you to enjoy. Through the pages of this site, I'll help you find adventurous things to do in Florida.

A Sunset View of a South Florida Dry Prairie

Florida's Dry Prairie near Arcadia -- More of the real Florida

Hello, I'm your host, Reid Tillery, a Florida native with sand in my shoes and Florida in my blood. It's my great pleasure to help you find outdoors, "real Florida" adventures in my home state.

Have you ever wanted to:

  • paddle wild and scenic rivers?

  • snorkel jade-blue springs and stunning coral reefs?

  • stroll desolate coastlines?

  • walk down more backwoods trails than you can ever remember?

  • and find interesting, out-of-the-way places that most people have never heard of?

During my lifetime here in Florida, I've been privileged to do all that.

My purpose on these pages is to help you find just such adventures. I want to show you and tell you about things to do in Florida that you might not otherwise know about.

Finding Things to Do in Florida

One way is to use this cool and interactive map of Florida. With the help of Google technology, I've created just for you this interactive map so you can pinpoint the places featured here at FloridaAventuring.com. I believe it will be a big help to you in locating adventurous things to do in Florida.

Besides specific descriptions of things to do in Florida, you'll also find on this site stuff you need to know to help you better enjoy your outdoors experiences here in the Sunshine State.

You'll find, for example, info on:

I even wrote a whole book on these and other topics:

It's written with you, the outdoors enthusiast in mind, and geared specifically to helping you enhance your outdoors skills in the specific environment of Florida.

To get started, simply click on one of the nav-bar links or on one of the text links below, and away you go to what could be your next great Florida adventure.

SURVIVING THE WILDS OF FLORIDA. Your outdoor things to do in Florida can be even safer and more enjoyable after you learn what's in my 232-page full-color book showcasing how to fend for yourself and your companions in Florida's wild places.

WILDERNESS MEDICINE. Learn to handle medical emergencies in the wilds, when 9-1-1 "ain't" coming.

GPS NAVIGATION. GPS has revolutionized navigation. Find out how this technology can help you.

SNORKELING FLORIDA. If you haven't poked your face under Florida's waters lately, you're missing out. Grab your gear and let's go snorkeling.

CANOEING-KAYAKING. Florida has WAY more than its share of water. Take your pick of great canoeing-kayaking trips.

BACKPACKING. You don't have to have mountains to enjoy backpacking. Experience the unique joys of walking the wilds of Florida.

FLORIDA HIKING TRAILS. Not everyone always wants to carry their "house" on their back. Day-treks can be just the thing.

CHEAP FLORIDA VACATIONS. You don't have to spend big bucks to enjoy the real Florida, especially if you're the outdoor adventurous type. Any of these low-cost getaways might be just what you're looking for.

FLORIDA GETAWAYS. Florida places you can go to escape your routine world, and enjoy some element of outdoor adventure to boot. You probably won't find these spots in the tourist brochures.

FLORIDA TENT CAMPING. Enjoy Florida while reducing your lodging costs. There are plenty of places in the Sunshine State where you can pitch a tent.

BEST FLORIDA BEACHES. These are specially selected with you--the outdoor adventurer--in mind. To make the list a beach must be relatively wild and uncrowded, or offer some element of adventure like good snorkeling. Grab your sandals, and let's go.

FLORIDA SPRINGS. If you love the water, few earthly pleasures exceed that of jumping into a crystal-clear Florida spring on a hot summer's day. Great for swimming, snorkeling, or SCUBA diving.

FLORIDA WILDLIFE. Those of us who enjoy the backcountry are well served with basic information about Florida's wildlife. On these pages, you'll find facts and stories about creatures you should know about if you enjoy the wilds of Florida.

FLORIDA WEATHER. For those who enjoy outdoor things to do in Florida, it pays to understand Florida weather.

NATIONAL PARKS IN FLORIDA. There are some truly awesome National Parks in Florida, encompassing huge tracts of great wild places. Discover these National Parks for yourself right here on the web. Be careful, though, you may get the call of the wild and decide to "up and drop everything" and head out right now to some of the wildest country east of the Mississippi.

OUTDOOR VIDEOS. My purpose for these pages is to cut through the noise and chatter of web video and select those outdoor videos that pertain to the Florida outdoors, are entertaining, portray something informative, teach something useful, or maybe even do all the above.

ABOUT ME. A few details about your host here at FloridaAdventuring.com.

YOUR FLORIDA ADVENTURES. Tell us about YOUR Florida outdoors adventures--what you've found to be good outdoor things to do in Florida. Simply fill out the form, upload a photo if you wish. I'll get it, maybe do a little editing, and include your trip on the site. What we learn from you could help us enjoy our own outdoor adventures.

Outdoor adventuring, as I'm sure you know, has inherent risks. Before participating in any adventure on this site, be certain you have sufficient capabilities. Also--and I can't stress this enough--always check to make sure current local conditions are satisfactory before you set out.

Disclaimer: Although I do my best to provide accurate information, an error or two may creep in. Plus, some information can become outdated before I can update it. So, good sense demands that you verify to your complete satisfaction through other sources all information presented on this site. Your safety demands no less. Although the information on these pages is presented in good faith, FloridaAdventuring.com disclaims any and all liabilities resulting from the use or misuse of any of its information, including, but not limited to, any injuries, deaths, loss, or damage. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this site.